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от 15.10.2007, Автор:
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State Policy

page 3-8

- Bulgarian companies are invited to participated in US tenders for military bases construction, the tenders will be called in mid-2008. The US experts coming to Bulgaria for a second time to explain what the exact procedures for participation in the tenders for tens of millions of dollars. The tenders will be for procurement, services and construction announced the head of Logistics department at the Bulgarian Army Joint Chiefs of Staff Boyko Rabadzhiiski. According to his words the preparation process took some longer time than expected in order to allow the local companies to get acquainted with the complicated procedures of the US legislation in the field of public procurement regulated by 800 normative acts. The total US military annual budget is USD 425bn, the process is regulated by the Federal Acquisition Regulations.

- The subsidies for agriculture will not be cut. The European Commission granted a whole month to Romania for improvement of the system for agriculture subsidies and praised the progress in Bulgaria. In the worst scenario the northern neighbouring country can lose up to 25% of the EU subsidies, the starting date is 1 Dec. 2007. The member states can pay the subsidies directly from the national budget and the funds will be later reimbursed from the community budget. Bulgaria and Romania will be subject of a regular audit which is a standard practice for all member countries. The main problems of Romania are connected to the software for input of results from the checkups and calculation of the sums for payment. Bulgaria has to receive a total of EUR 1974m by 2013, Romania - EUR 4,273m.



page 9-20- All candidate bidders for Sofia subway construction continue the bidding process. On 5 Dec. are to be submitted the technical designs and financial bids. Ten companies will participate in the second phase for construction works from Nadezhda junction through the Central Railway Station, Sv. Nedelia sq., the National Palace of Culture to Cherni Vrah blvd. The project is divided into two lots - to the National Palace of Culture and from P. Evtimii to Cherni Vrah blvd. Nine companies submitted bids for the two lots among them are Impresa Pizzarotti & C.S.P.A. and S.E.L.I. Societa Esecuzione Lavori Idraulici S.p.A., Condotte & Ansaldo JV - METRO Sofia, FCC Construccion S. A., Dogus - Metrostroy JV, Hochtief - Glavbolgarstroy, Metrostav AD, Actor ACD - Terna Plc., etc. The company bidding for the second lot is also Geotehmin Ltd. The two lots include 6.4 km and seven subway stations, the first is 3.8 km and four stations, the second is 2.6 km with three stations. The subway project is the first approved by sector operational programme Transport for Bulgaria. The total of EUR 145m is allotted by 85% from the EU fund for regional development and 15% national co-financing.

- The second contract for the water project in Ruse has been signed, the building supervision will be carried out by a Bulgarian - German consortium. The total of the contracts is five. After an international restricted tender was awarded the contractor for the service contract - the consortium JV Pőyry Environment GmbH (Germany) - Consulting Engineering Group (Bulgaria), the supervision amounts to EUR 1,275,450. The scope of activity includes building supervision at the design stage and in the defect notification period. The short list includes eight companies - AHT GROUP AG, Germany - Grontmij AEW Plan GmbH, Germany; CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GmbH, Germany - CONSULGAL- Consultores de Engenharia e Gestao, S.A., Portugal; J. B. Barry & Partners Ltd trading internationally as Barry International Ltd., Ireland - Jennings O’Donovan, Ireland; Mott MacDonald Limited, UK; Poyry Environment GmbH, Германия - Consulting Engineering Group Ltd. (Consulting Engineering Group) - Bulgaria; Ramboll Danmark A/S, Дания - IncoWest Ingenieure + Architecten, Germany - Niras A/S (Denmark) - Niras Bulgaria Ltd (Bulgaria); SGI Consulting SA, Luxembourg - Cabinet Merlin, France - Patinvest Engineering JSC, Bulgaria; SWECO International AB, Sweden.

- By the end of the year will be selected the strategic investor for Belene nuclear power plant, its construction will take EUR 4bn with no less than 30% Bulgarian participation. All operations by the project development for EUR 4bn keep to the preliminary schedule. The government should take the decision for strategic investor by the year end. The interest is very big, many companies apply directly for 49% of the ownership, said the minister of economy Peter Dimitrov. Other participants would like to have 25% stake. A week ago was delivered the concept design of the nuclear power plant, by the year end it has to be passed by the Ministry of regional development and public works and a construction permit is expected to be issued. The commissioning of the first block will start in 2013. The engineering phase financing is based on an agreement for EUR 206m signed in Nov. 2006. The general contractor is Atomstroyexport with a contract from 2006. The main foreign sub-contractors are the consortium Areva and Siemens. The operational term is 60 years.


page 21-36

- Super Borovets project starting at last, the investment is for EUR 500m - EUR 600m without the infrastructure. After almost four years and talks on 8 Dec. was turned the first sod of the one of the biggest tourist projects in Bulgaria, with the participation of the minister of regional development and public works Asen Gagauzov, Samokov mayor Angel Nikolov and the investors Georgi Krumov and Simeon Peshov, the location is Pashenitsa zone from where will start a modern cabin lift to Markudzhitsite. The investment will open 2,000 new jobs. The project of national importance is expected to strengthen the position of Bulgaria on the European map of tourist services. The investors are the company Rila - Samokov 2004 - a company of Borovets Investments with 67% owned by Equest Investments Balkans Ltd. and the State Fund of Sultanate Oman, Samokov municipality - 25%, and Glavbolgarstroy - 8%. The project does not violate the environment in the protected zones nor Rila national park. The cabin lift will be ready for next winter as well as its parking with 1,114 slots at 1,100 m of altitude. The architectural design of the complex will comply with the rich historic heritage of the town of Samokov as well as with the concept of a classical resort in the Alps. The construction works include two main stages from 2007 to 2012, the residential and hotel space will be 623 500 sq. m including four- and five-star complexes as well as 40 km new ski runs.

- For two years in the region of Kardzhali have been realized project for BGN 23m. The dep. minister of regional development Dimcho Mihalevski presented the projects in nine important sections. The total of the water sector is over BGN 7.5m. Mr. Mihalevski presented the policy of the Ministry of Regional Development in the field of municipal and regional road infrastructure emphasizing on the completed first stage of the access road to Makaza and the start of its second stage in 2007, as well as the contract by the first project by Regional Development 2007 - 2013 programme for repairs of third class roads in the region. The road projects in the region for the last two years and the contracted works by the end of 2007 is over BGN 2.5m. In the public works field the dep. minister pointed out three projects connected to rehabilitation of street pavements of over BGN 2.9m. A joint initiative between the local municipality and the ministry for Arda riverbank strengthening in the zone of Kardzhali by Regional Development programme 2007 - 2013.

Real Estates & Investments

page 41-48- The former Mraz refrigerator production plant will become a business centre. The first 3,500 sq. m office space are expected to be delivered on the market by the year end. The supply of office space is rather short right now which resulted in price rise with 20 to 25 percent for the last 12 months. The new offices will be a part of the complex Vasilev Business City, currently there is Vasilevi Plaza functioning. The project is owned by the developer Vasil Vasilev, it was exhibited at the Balkan exhibition for real estates and urban planning BalPex. Earlier the same project was known as Town Center Sofia but unlike four years ago when it was presented for the first time now the former production premises are planned to be transformed into offices and not apartments. A few of them will be apartments mainly for rent to the foreign companies managers. The rents will be about EUR 10 per sq. m monthly. As of March next year are expected to be added new 5,000 sq. m of space, and by the end of 2008 - the rest of 7,000 sq. m. The planning is flexible and open space with up to 1,700 sq. m per floor. The former production plant is situated near Slivnitsa blvd. in the zone of Stochna gara. The total completion is scheduled for 2010. Until now the development took EUR 30m, EUR 20m are to be invested.

- The developers flooding the market with holiday apartments. The world financial crisis is a threat for demand restricting the access to credits. The supply of holiday apartments reached 76,000 units as of mid-year growing with 43% for H1 only according to data of Colliers International. Regionally it is strongly concentrated - 37% holiday property in Sunny Beach compared to 35% from H2 of 2006. The National Statistic Office registered less than 2,000 units completed per year for the last three years, the issued building permits for the last two years are for 12,000 units. The standard prices vary from EUR 800 to EUR 1,700 per sq. m. The main reason behind is demand from foreigners, mostly British and Irish buying real property as investments waiting for price rise and as second home for holiday and for renting.

- Special investment purpose company Fond za Nedvizhimi Imoti Bulgaria acquired 2/5 of a five-storey residential building along with the construction rights for EUR 872,000 VAT excl. The project is in Borovets resort, the built-up area is 512 sq. m, the gross-floor area is 3,527 sq. m. The purchase will be financed through an investment credit for EUR 1m from Post Bank. This transactions aims at diversification of the portfolio of the company. The building is to be completed by the year end. In the end of June the fund concluded another agreement for bank loan from Post Bank for EUR 18m, it will be used for acquisition of 78,000 sq. m of land in Mladost 4 neighbourhood in Sofia. Another project of the company includes a business centre in Kambanite zone in the capital city.


page 51-57- New business building of unusual shape is being design in Sofia. By the year end will be organized a tender for construction company. The project is called Vertigo building on Bulgaria blvd. The investors is Casa Chic, the project management and marketing is carried out by IesKFT Properties Development, the design was prepared by Panidea. The consultant is Mix Consult, the gross-floor area is 35,000 sq. m. The project has already a design permit, the technical design is currently under preparation. The building is composed of two blocks at 19 levels with 12,000 sq. m office space. The low block has two above-ground levels and two underground levels with a central lobby, shops of 2,500 sq. m, restaurant of 2,200 sq. m, bank branch of 400 sq. m, a conference hall of 200 sq. m. The underground car park is 8,300 sq. m and the open-air car park is 4,000 sq. m.

- Residential building with 19 apartments is under construction in Stara Zagora centre. The developer is Megabit Ltd., the designer is Respect 93, the consulting company is Ivgo. The built-up area is 364 sq. m, the gross-floor area is 2,694 sq. m with shops on the ground level.

Tenders in design and construction

page 60Offers from manufacturers, direct importers and dealers of building materials

page 68-73 

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